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"You hide in these nowhere relationships with men you don't love"

So I went out and bought Season 2 of Castle on Sunday because it was $19.99 and I was in a Castle mood and I needed a treat. :D Which meant I ended up watching every single episode and then I had to go back and watch the Season 1 DVDs I had (only 10 episodes!!! :( ) and below is a list of reasons and squeeing about why Castle and Castle/Beckett is slowly working it's way up in my all time favorite show lists.

The show itself:
- Now I know what you're thinking a Crime drama REALLY?! How many times has that been done before? pffttt. But the thing I like so much about this show, is the stories tie into the characters SO well, and little things that one character will say in one situation will lead them to rethink a case.
- The stories! Now I'll admit, sometimes the stories aren't all completely awesome but then you have episodes like "When the Bough Breaks" of "The Fifth bullet" which I just end up completely LOVING and is so darn GOOD that they make all the other ones seem that much awesome.
- The humor! Honestly, some times that show I swear could be a comedy if it really wants to. :P For example the "Do I look like a killer to you? *puppy dog eyes/face* "Yes Castle, you kill my patience" in the one episode, just awesome.
- The characters! Of course there's the two "main" characters but then you bring in the boys and then you have Castle's mom and daughter and all of the cast is just fantastic. I love, love, love each and everyone of them. The relationships in it are wonderful as well between Castle and Martha, Castle and Alexis, The boys, Ryan and Esposito. It's good, so darn good.

The Ship itself:
- At the start of the series, you almost think that Castle's a...playboy, for lack of a better term. But as the series progresses, he's not...not really at least. And there's the episode where he's talking about marriage and saying "Love the institution, hate the day to day" and Beckett says something like is that why his marriages failed and he says maybe he hasn't meet the right girl. And I honestly don't think he had, until her of course. :) Because I honestly think that if the right woman comes along, that it could "settle" Castle down, and he'd be able to have one of those "forever" relationships. Then of course, there's the relationship that he has with his daughter and he's such a GREAT dad, and that does wonders for his image too.
- Then there's the looks he sends her, where he just stares at her and it's adorable and he does it all the time and it makes me squee so much. :D It's adorable!!
- Not only the looks but his words to her, yes he flirts with her all the time but then he says how adorable or cute she is when she does something (like in the 1st episode when she scrunches her forehead or how she stares at her board)
- Then there's the part where she's such a big fan of his, and his books got her through her mom's killing and it's adds another layer to the story.
- Then of course there's the "When I first met you, I thought you were a mystery I was never going to solve. And everyday I'm amazed by your strength" and the "You hide in these nowhere relationships with men you don't love. You could be happy. " lines that just...sooo cute. And angsty. AND SO MUCH LOVE!
- And then her getting shot and him confessing he loves her. *heartfelt sigh*

And that is why I'm all FLAILY FLAIL about the show. :)
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