regularamanda (regularamanda) wrote,

Sum Up: Week 5

Book(s) read: Stillll on Goblet of Fire *sigh* It's taking too long!
Book(s) on the top 100 list read: Will add this list soon!
Sum up TV of the week: Star Trek, mostly Voyager. And I caught an episode of Rizzoli & Isles ...looks cute! Will have to watch more!
Most common music listened to: Country. Mostly just my itunes playlist.
Song(s) of the Week: Got nothing.
Highlight(s) of the week: Not much!
Thoughts on the future: I really really think the world would be a much better place if we stopped for a moment to appreciate those tiny "everyday miracles" like being 5 minutes early and missing the deadly wreck on the highway, or being a few seconds late and having time to see those deer in the road.
Greatest achievement: I wrote on for 11 days straight! :D
Best news/discovery: I can't remember this either!
FAIL moment of the week: Had lots of these! The major one was that I locked my keys in the car (put stuff in car, though I unlocked the car to get to the trunk, shut door, went to trunk it was locked and realized I hit the lock instead of the unlock) yeaaahhh. Not cool.
Object of annoyance: The Justice system of the US. Yeah.
Bigger purchases: Nothing major, just bought a season of Boy Meets World from Amazon for $9 with the rest of my Amazon gift card.
Gifts: Nope
Overall weather: Hot and muggy and DISGUSTING! I want winter!
Overall health: Craptastic. I ended up getting a bloody nose at work the one day, and then had to call off a day because I ended up getting really bad pain in my back.
Graphics made: Nope.
Fics posted: Nope, but lots were written! Should have something (in the lines of Sam/Jack) posted this week.
Thing that made me smile this week: Little babies smiles.
Favorite Quote of the week: "It does not do to dwell on dreams and forget to live."
Favorite Family quote of the week: *praying for dinner, my mother* "Hi Lord, it's me again..."
Most Squeed about Ship this week: Probably Sam/Jack (since I've been writing them a LOT) and Janeway/Chakotay (Since I've been watching Voyager a LOT)
Any plot bunnies?: Nope, not really. Just writing what comes to mind.
Something else?: Nope.
Thoughts/expectations/plans of upcoming week: SUPER EXCITED! Seeing HP 7 Part 2 at midnight on Thursday night with the cousin (the one I don't talk about as much) and Haven comes back on friday!
Tags: lj: sum up of the week

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