Avengers: captain alone

Help for the south

Hey all, just pimping this out. It's the auction for helping the people in the southern US where over 300 people died, and so many people lost all they had because of the violent storms last week. I have family in the area (Huntsville, Alabama, they are all safe and as soon as I get a free moment I will post about it), so this is really near and dear to my heart. :) So below are my auctions, and there's also the "buy it now" option from me, which is super simple. :) So go on over and bid, check it out, etc!

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Avengers: captain alone


No...no of course I didn't make two new communities today...why would you think such a thing? :P

This is a writers challenge community where you claim a character/show/pairing and each day there is a theme that is posted and you write a drabble for that theme! The goal is to get 100 drabbles written within 365 days!

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This is a writers challenge community where every month you sign up and at the beginning of the month you are given a set of 12 themes and 3 artist choices and you have ONE (1) month to write drabbles/short fics/longer fics to fit those themes!

****Original writing claims and RPF claims are allowed for both comms****
Avengers: captain alone

Fic: In Another Place and Time

Uhh wow, 3 times in a day? Sorrrryyyy guys. :/ But since I haven't written in months I figured I'd point you all to the fact that AMANDA HAS WRITTEN S/J AGAIN *THROWS CONFETTI*...

Title: In Another Place and Time
Author: Regularamanda
Category: Fluff, AU(ish)
Pairing: Sam/Jack established...sort of
Rating: PG
Season: Anytime after Season 8
Word Count: ~430
Summary: In another place and time, she was a million different things to him.

Fic over here